Area’s of focus

Thrust Areas that Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera is looking at:
⦁ Education Scholarships to needy and deserving children
⦁ Addressing needs of the elders who reside in old age homes
⦁ Women empowerment and imparting vocational & professional training.
⦁ Providing Clean and safe drinking water.
⦁ Sanitation and making toilets in Schools and community.
⦁ Holding Free Health camps and free surgeries for needy in rural areas.
⦁ Nutrition and rations to the needy and deserving institutions.
⦁ Encouraging Sports and providing equipment to rural balwadis.
⦁ Making Happy Schools by developing Libraries, Laboratories, Classrooms, etc.
⦁ Providing Vocational Training equipment to Special schools
⦁ Providing wheel chairs & implants to the needy.
⦁ Bringing about awareness on HIV.
⦁ Anti-Plastic campaign and providing cloth reusable bags for regular shopping.
⦁ Providing monthly Rations to NAB and other beneficiaries.
⦁ Providing free medicines
⦁ Organising Social awareness seminars/symposiums on various issues
⦁ Organising Rotary Youth Leadership Training and awards
⦁ Presenting awards and recognising excellence in vocations and enterprise.
⦁ Combating substance abuse (tobacco, alcohol, drugs)
⦁ Organising RYLA Training for differently abled.
⦁ Conducting Free Cataract operations and eye check up camps.
⦁ Promoting Road safety.
⦁ Rural village adoption and community development.
⦁ Supporting and empowering destitute women
⦁ Donor specific service project.
⦁ Suggestions most welcome.

⦁ CSR and dedication of projects in name of donor/sponsorer or in memory.
We at Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera have planned to conduct various above mentioned community service projects. From Time to time we keep updating with new requirements of needy who approach us and we try & reach out.

On your behalf, we can undertake and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and organise and conduct the community service Project under the Name and style of your Corporate Company in accaociation with our club. The Mileage for the same will be provided to you and our club will organise and facilitate. All expenses for the project will be incurred by you and we will mobilise and organise the project for your company.

⦁ Your Objective – An effective CSR Project.
⦁ Our Objective – To reach out to the needy.